Local 138 International Union
of Operating Engineers Benefits

Local 138 International Union
of Operating Engineers Benefits

Klemanowicz, Holmquist and Vande Stouwe is the proud pre-paid legal services provider for the membership of the Legal Plan for Local 138 International Union of Operating Engineers.

Below is a list of services covered for qualified members under your legal plan:

A. Consultations
Unlimited consultations including review of documents, and legal advice with regard to any legal problem or inquiry. This may include legal action where the matter is covered under the Legal Fund’s plan of benefits.

B. Criminal Matters
All criminal matters that are brought in New York State Courts, including violations, misdemeanors and felonies. This does not include traffic violations, unless the traffic violation charged is a criminal offense,. This does not include criminal coverage in Federal Courts.

C. Decedent Estates
Non-contested administration or probate of estate of member of the group or spouse. (This would not include services for the administration or probate for a deceased non-member.)

D. Estates
Representation of the uncontested beneficial interest of the member in any estate proceeding in New York State.

E. Health Care Proxies

F. Landlord/Tenant
Defense of eviction proceeding only.

G. Living Wills

H. Personal Injury Claims
One-third (1/3) contingency fee.

I. Powers of Attorney

J. Real Estate
Sale, purchase or lease of any real property for primary residence of member and spouse (business or investment property or vacation property excluded).

K. Real Estate – Family Residential Transfer

L. Real Estate – Refinance
Mortgage for principal residence

M. Traffic Matters
Where loss of license is involved.

N. Wills
Preparation for each member of a Will or reciprocal Wills between Husband and Wife.

There is a forty (40) hour limit on any specific matter or case.

The Legal Plan will not pay for those expenses incidental to legal services such as, but not limited to court costs, fees for depositions, investigators and expert witnesses, fines, penalties and any amount for which you may be liable in judgment.

Those matters not covered, eligibility requirements and your rights under ERISA are set forth in the Summary Plan Description (SPD) for the Local 138 Legal Fund.

Legal Fund Administrator

  • Stephen Barnett
  • P.O. Box 206
    137 Gazza Blvd.
    Farmingdale, NY 11735
  • (631) 694-2480

Legal Plan Attorneys

  • Klemanowicz, Holmquist & Vande Stouwe, LLP
  • 300 Old Country Road
    Suite 241
    Mineola, NY 11501
  • (516) 746-7660

For all emergency matters, please call the main office number (516) 746-7660. We have an answering service available whenever the office is closed and they will contact one of us.